About us

Wroclaw Cycling Initiative (Wrocławska Inicjatywa Rowerowa) is a grassroots, nonprofit cyclists advocacy group. It was established in 2006 by the most active members of Wroclaw Cycling Coalition – former alliance of eco and bike ngo’s, constituted in 2001.

Our activity topics

  • Promotion of bicycle culture and supporting cycling.
  • Education and know-how transfer.
  • Participation in decision-making process, monitoring city transport policy and public money spendings.

Our actions

  • Supporting cycling policies implemented by local governments. We are members of Bicycle Council at Wroclaw Municipality.
  • Shaping public awareness of city’s cycling policy. We’ve been running an independent, local website for cyclists as well as Facebook and Twitter profiles.
  • Integrating the environment of Wroclaw cyclists. This is served by the largest unsports bike event in the region, Wroclaw Cycle Fest.
  • We’ve been running cycling education classes for children in schools and educational shows from repairing and maintenance of bicycles for all interested.
  • Since 2009 we deal with activities integrating Polish cycling organizations in various cities of the country.

Our achievements

  • In 2005 as a Coalition we succeeded in introducing by Wroclaw Municipality a Cycle Routes Master Plan and a Design and Implementation Standards for Bicycle Routes.
  • As a disapproval of the city’s policy towards cyclists, we handed President Rafal Dutkiewicz a 45-kilo concrete Golden Curb. The newly emerging bicycle routes did not meet the basic quality standards at the time and thus did not provide cyclists with any facilities.
  • Creating a post of the Cycling Officer at the Wroclaw Municipality in 2007. He is an official delegated to deal with and coordinate cycling matters.
  • After publicizing the case of compensation for damage to a bicycle, we led the municipal office to lower curbs on cycling routes.
  • As a result of our lobbing efforts in 2010 a Wroclaw’s Bicycle Policy has been adopted. It sets targets 10% of bicycle share in 2015 and 15% in 2020.
  • As part of the nationwide network Cities for Bicycles, we took an active part in the work on the amendment to the Road Traffic Act, which entered into force in 2011.
  • In 2014, in the voting for the civic budget, won project, which we submitted and promoted together with the Ambassadors of Bicycle Wroclaw. It had a record 15 925 votes, making the streets in city center much more friendly to cyclists.
  • Before elections in 2014, candidates signed the Declaration of Bicycle Wroclaw, which we prepared together with the Ambassadors of Bicycle Wroclaw. They pledged to increase expenditure on the buliding bicycle infrastructure. In the new term, president kept his word and it was possible to implement further investments.
  • As members of the Cities for Bicycles network, we have amended the ordinances of the Minister of Infrastructure. The regulations, which came into force in 2015, gave local governments new opportunities to create facilities for cyclists in accordance with best practice in Europe and in the world.
  • Before elections in 2018, Jacek Sutryk, a candidate for the mayor of Wroclaw, signed the Declaration of Bicycle Wroclaw, which we prepared together with the City Action. He committed to connecting the routes into a coherent system and ensuring financing of the Bicycle Program at the level of 30 million zl.
  • Every year celebrations of the Wroclaw Cycle Fest are attracted by more and more participants, which is a proof for the growing popularity of bicycle traffic in Wroclaw.


Wroclaw Cycling Initiative (Wrocławska Inicjatywa Rowerowa)

Official address:
ul. Białoskórnicza 26
50-134 Wrocław

Address for correspondence:
ul. Św. Wincentego 25A
50-252 Wrocław

We are located at EkoCentrum Wroclaw:

e-mail: rowerowy.wroclawateko.org.pl, wirateko.org.pl
tel/fax: 71-343-60-35, 71-344-59-48, 71-324-17-41

KRS: 0000259096
REGON: 020332442
NIP: 897-171-73-54
Bank account: 50 2490 0005 0000 4530 3872 1776